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MSc in Strength and Conditioning

Bodyweight East Coast founder. 

Hi, I’m Tom from Bodyweight Brisbane. I’ve designed a program where we specialize in bodyweight training. So this is going to get you from moving from, whether you’re starting out in your journey with handstands, you’ve never been upside down before, to getting your first five second hold, moving on to be able to do pull ups and ultimately bar muscle ups. And we have a dedicated coach for each of these skills.

So you’re in good hands and we can’t wait to meet you. I’m a coach here at Bodyweight Brisbane. I take leg day. So that’s very much about getting the performance side into your training. So getting fitter, getting stronger on the bar, and ultimately having fun with your training as well. So I have a masters in strength conditioning.

I worked in professional sport, helping the academy and senior players as a sports scientist. I then ventured into bodyweight training and really found a passion for exploring movement, finding new ways to strengthen the body, and ultimately have more fun with your training, which I find gets way better results. So yeah, ended up moving to Australia four years ago and then opened up Bodyweight Brisbane. I also own the gym.

So we have dedicated coaches for each of the elements in bodyweight training from handstands to muscle ups to leavers. We have a dedicated skill coach for each of those aspects. So the more you get into this, the more you realize there’s so much to it as an art and as a science. And we’re going to bring the two together with our coaching team.

So be sure to join our six week challenge, that’s going to be the starting point where you’re gonna learn all the elements of bodyweight training, and change your body along the way. You’re in good hands. We have really experienced team here and we have plenty of fun. So can’t wait to meet you.

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Handstand Coach & Gymnastics

Hey guys, I’m Sam, I’m one of the handstand coaches here at Bodyweight Brisbane. I help people start developing their handstand but also some strength skills, so handstand pushups, press to handstand, planche.

So my background’s gymnastics. So I spent probably 12 years while I was growing up doing gymnastics. I competed for Australia and for Queensland. And recently, probably the last five years, I’ve come back and started training in a bit more calisthenics gymnastics type skills.

I’m really passionate about helping other people unlock these movements with their body. Once you start unlocking those skills, you start, like, realising what your body can do and what you’re capable of. And one of the best feelings is, you know, when you’ve worked on a skill for quite a while and suddenly it clicks in and you were able to do it or you get that extra progression. You get these, you start feeling your strengths and how to use it. Yeah, I find that really rewarding.

One fun fact about me is I’ve got a master’s in mathematics as well.


Handstand Coach, Circus Arts & Cheerleading 

Hi, I’m the Violetta and I am a beginners handstand coach at Bodyweight Brisbane. I want to help everybody find their movement and move with confidence. My background is gymnastics, circus arts, and also cheerleading.

Circus Arts is a special school based in Melbourne and only I guess the best of the best can only get in. It is pretty hard to get in. There’s only one circus arts in the whole Australia, so I did a diploma in that for an entire year. So that took me to opening up my own circus company called VIC.

We traveled all around Australia, mainly doing toss the girl, which is a thing that we kind of like made up in a way. We kind of like created it so now a lot of people do that now these days. It’s tons of fun and I definitely want to bring that more to Brisbane and I guess show people what you can really do with toss the girl.

So I coach beginner’s handstand. I want to, I guess, bring out the experience that I’ve, I guess, experienced in the past and bring it here. I like to go through flexibility, a lot of drill training exercises too, and a lot of technique work as well.

I’m extremely clumsy, probably one of the most clumsiest person you’ll ever meet. So that’s a fun, interesting fact. You’ll, I guess, see that when you get to know me more. It’s an amazing place. Please come through and learn here. You will experience one of the best coaches in the entire Brisbane and you will learn a lot as well. Enjoy everyone.


Boxing & Calisthenics 

Hey, I’m Dan. My background, I come from a boxing and calisthenics background, sports all through, obviously, intermediate, high school, all the way through.

What do I bring to the table?

So flow on Wednesdays. So I teach the freestyle competition or skills, shall we say, so that you can compete. All the way from beginners to advanced. Also teach the Fridays. On Friday, it’s all about fast skill and strength, as well as conditioning. On Saturdays, we do skill conditioning, which is a compilation of what we do during the week from handstands to pull-ups to muscle up, you name it.

How can I help you out from start to finish?

If you’re a beginner or advanced, does not matter what level you’re at, we have regressions and progressions, all levels. And a fun fact about myself, I don’t just do calisthenics, I mentioned that before, I am a boxer. I box at least three, four times a week, from conditioning through to currently competing.

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Brisbane Bodyweight is great community with people from a variety of backgrounds who support each other towards their fitness goals.


"Since I started training there I have gained new skills, achieved fitness goals and there are still new skills and goals to achieve making this a journey for as long as you wish."


"Can not recommend Tom and bodyweight Brisbane enough! After having a baby I lost all confidence and motivation to train and challenge myself. Training with Tom in a safe environment and the support of our BWB family reignited my fire. I can’t thank Tom enough for seriously bringing back the fun to my training. Was a added bonus that my body became the strongest it’s ever been."